Shade Net

Shade Net

Shade Net Manufacturers, Shade Net Suppliers, Shade Net

Shading net, also known as shading net, is a new type of protective cover material for agriculture, fishery, animal husbandry, windproof and cover soil that has been promoted in the past 10 years. After the summer cover, it plays a role of blocking light, preventing rain, moisturizing and cooling. After winter and spring coverage, there is still a certain degree of heat preservation and humidification.

Bee-Free Net

Bee-Free Net

Bee-free Net Manufacturers, Bee-free Net Suppliers, Bee-free Net

The use of Bee-Free nets to cover cultivation can greatly reduce the pollution of pesticides, cut off the aphid transmission route, and reduce the harm of virus diseases. The rate of emergence of vegetables is high, the rate of seedlings is high, and the quality of seedlings is good, so as to win the initiative of autumn and winter vegetable production.

Weed Mat

Weed Mat

Weed Mat Manufacturers, Weed Mat Suppliers, Weed Mat

To prevent the weeds from being produced on the ground, remove water in time, keep the ground clean, promote the growth of plant roots, prevent root rot, prevent the extra growth of potted roots, improve the quality of potted plants, and facilitate cultivation and management. Use PP, PE plastic flat yarn to maintain sufficient strength and elongation under dry and wet conditions.

Hail Net

Hail Net

Hail Net Manufacturers, Hail Net Suppliers, Hail Net

Flood prevention nets have interception. All hails with a diameter greater than or equal to the mesh of the anti-smashing net can be intercepted on the net. There is also a buffer effect. After the hail with a diameter smaller than the mesh falls, it collides with the net line of the net, and the kinetic energy of the falling of the hail is mostly absorbed by the anti-mite net, which plays a buffering role.

Bird Net

Bird Net

Bird Net Manufacturers, Bird Net Suppliers, Bird Net

Anti-bird net uses polyethylene (HDPE) raw materials, white, monofilament, multi-filament, woven into a large mesh machine, anti-aging bird network has anti-aging, anti-oxidation, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, bearing weight, long service life The characteristics are the ideal choice for the majority of growers to reduce their production costs and increase the harm of fruit.

Olive Net

Olive Net

Olive Net Manufacturers, Olive Net Suppliers, Olive Net

The olive net can effectively prevent the melons from playing a certain buffering effect when falling, effectively reducing the damage to the melons and fruits. The olive net also has a function that the fruits of different sizes can be separated and the large ones can be retained. , small discards. A lot of effects.



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